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IT Assessment & Planning

If you are like most people, you might not know exactly which computers or programs are the best fit for your business. This often results in either overspending on technology that isn’t needed or losing valuable time on something that the right computer or program could do much more efficiently. An IT Assessment will give you a clear picture of what your technology needs are, what you already have, and what you should acquire to support future growth. Premier Technologies will help you create goals, prioritize, and organize a plan that fits within the timeframe and budget that works best for you. In the long run you will save on technology costs and increase in efficiency.

Installation & Configuration Services

Having trouble installing that new program you just bought? We can set up any piece of hardware or software that you would like to add to your workstation. This includes things like installing new programs, configuring new programs, upgrading your memory, increasing hard drive space or upgrading to blue-ray. In addition, we can optimize your system by removing unwanted start up programs, cleaning temporary files, and getting rid of useless programs.

Google Apps & Email Services

Outlook is great, but sometimes it leaves you tied to your desktop. Google Apps now allows you to harness all of the benefits of Gmail, Google Calendars and Google Documents for your business. This makes it easier than ever to access your email remotely, share a calendar, or collaborate on a document. Best part of all? Google Apps is free for up to 10 users. Don’t miss out; let us set up Google Apps for your business.

Data Transfer

As exciting as it is to get a new computer, transferring everything from your old one can be time consuming and overwhelming. Let us do it for you! We will make sure that all of your files make it to your new computer undamaged and right where you can find them. Beyond just your normal files, we can also set up Outlook and transfer your email to your new set up.

Network Services

Not even sure what “Network Services” means? You have come to the right place! We will get you connected to the internet, either wired or wireless, and then we will connect all of your computers and even your printer. That means you will have the ability to have shared files and a shared printer. We can even set up your wireless system for smart phone use. Beyond just connecting everything, security is a crucial piece of this puzzle. Premier Technologies will make sure your security is up to business standards using top-notch firewalls like SonicWALL and WatchGuard.

Proactive Maintenance

Let us help you stay on top of things before they become a huge problem. With a maintenance plan we will do regular check-ups that include things like updating your programs, checking security, optimizing speed, and removing any bugs. Keep your computers running efficiently and avoid potential disasters!

Backup Systems

Just imagine what losing all of your files could do to your business. You probably know that you need a backup system, but maybe you just haven’t gotten around to it? Let us take care of it for you. Here are some of the best features of our backup system
• Automated – You don’t have to do anything.
• No Interference – By running in the background, backups will never get in the way of your work.
• Multi-Level Protection – You files are completely safe because they will be stored both locally and online.

Virus & Malware Removal

Starting to get annoyed by all of those pop-ups? Is your computer running slower by the day? Call us before it’s too late! Computer viruses can cause a lot of damage. If your computer already has a virus and you aren’t taking care of it, it could continue to reproduce and do more harm even erasing your hard disk, or jeopardizing your identity. Don’t let your business be a victim!

Vendor Management

Sit back and let us do the running around for you. We already have a working relationship with local companies as well as software and hardware providers. We know all of the short cuts when it comes to handling internet problems, working with the phone company, getting pricing for a new system or anything else you are trying to track down.

Remote Support

Computer support just got faster and easier. It may seem like black magic, but we can actually fix your PC remotely if you have internet access! If you are traveling or even just busy, talk to us about Remote Support.